Apply For Early Access
Accepting Applications Year-Round

As part of our mission to fuel the rise of independent solo devs, our team is looking to fund and publish interesting, original game concepts that are viable under the free-to-play business model.

If you're interested in working with us to publish a game, fill out this form to get access to ROC editor and our community portal.

To get started on launching a game with us, use our tools to build a short gameplay prototype with at least 5-10 minutes of content that focuses on core gameplay. The prototype doesn't need final game systems, extensive UI, or any visual polish. When you’re ready to pitch, ping our team on the community discord and we’ll begin the review process.

If we're interested in pursuing your project, we'll invite you to join our game dev team and co-develop this game with us. As part of our team we’ll offer direct funding and profit-sharing to see the project through to release and beyond.

Successful candidates would be responsible for core gameplay design, while our production team would support with publishing, user-acquisition, meta-game design, monetization, and UI (if necessary).

  • A modern game engine inspired by classic RTS game editors.
  • Robust documentation of game data, trigger APIs, and UI styles.
  • Supports cross-platform publishing to PC, web, and mobile.
  • Supports monetization features such as in-game ads and IAP.
  • Has been used to develop award-winning games played by millions.
What we look for
  • Game devs committed to launching games and earning profit share.
  • Gameplay prototypes that can be developed into fully realized games:
    • Portrait games with straightforward and intuitive controls.
    • Innovative gameplay or new twists on proven concepts.
    • High potential for great depth and replayability.