Theme: Winter Wander-Land
Submission Deadline: Jan 3, Midnight PST

As part of our mission to empower the next generation of game creators, we are excited to announce the ROC Winter Jam with $2,000 in prizes!

Contestants will have four weeks to build an original game concept using the ROC Editor. For this contest we are looking for innovative core gameplay that is easy to pick up and start playing. Games will also be judged on their depth and replayability.

Besides the game jam, we're always looking for the right projects to fund. If you and your game are a good fit, we would love to help work your game concept into a fully realized game. We believe that together we can launch the next generation of indie mobile hits. Apply here if you are interested.

  • Games should be created with Project ROC Editor.
  • Games should be suitable for single player.
  • Games must be playable in portrait mode on mobile devices.
  • Games must be published to the Project ROC Arcade before midnight (PST) on January 3rd.
  • Winners will be announced by January 10th.
1st place
1st Place
2nd place
2nd Place
3rd place
3rd Place
4th and 5th place
4th & 5th
  • Fun
    First and foremost, the game must be fun and engaging
  • Creativity
    We're looking for novel game concepts (or innovative twists on old concepts)
  • Easy-To-Play
    Gameplay and controls should be simple and intuitive
  • Depth
    The fun can last for hours or even days