Editor Overview

October 12, 2020

Welcome to the Project ROC editor overview, the tool behind Wild Sky TD and Wild Castle. In this post we’ll briefly go over the core modules of the editor and how they fit together to create games. If you have any experience with classic RTS editors, many of these systems will be fairly familiar to you. If you are interested in trying them out for yourself, please apply here.

Terrain Editor

The terrain editor is used to create the physical layout and level design of a map. Here you can paint terrain textures and cliffs, decorate maps with props, draw waypoints and roads, and place game units.

Data Editor

The data editor defines game objects and how they interact with each other. Game data is built out of basic data types such as units, abilities, behaviors, and effects which offer a deep level of customization and control. The data editor is also where you configure visual and sound effects for units and abilities using the powerful actor system. While the actor system offers a lot of depth, there are also simplified options for quickly setting up unit models and ability/weapon visuals and sound.

Asset Previewer

The asset previewer lets you take a closer look at our ever-growing art library that’s packaged into the Project ROC editor. In the future we’ll offer support for importing custom assets, but for now Project ROC provides access to hundreds of fantasy unit models, props, vfx, and sfx.

Trigger Editor

The trigger editor where game logic is written. The trigger system is intuitively event based (ex, when a zombie dies > increase player score). Project ROC supports a GUI trigger editor (pictured below and still a work in progress) as well as writing game logic directly in lua script. You can also create custom UI and UI logic in the trigger editor.

Here are some showcases made from the editor. If you want to try them out for yourself, apply for early access HERE!

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